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    Plateau is a formicarium from Tar Heel Ants that features a unique box design intended to maximize foraging habitat space while incorporating a one, two, or three-sided nest underneath one corner of the box.  This is an all-in-one formicarium and features museum quality acrylic boxes, museum glass, and removable glass and lid by aid of magnets.

    What makes the "Plateau" formicarium different?  Typical formicarium have either a foraging area on top of the nest or out to the side.  The Plateau features a unique combination of both as well as a decorate wall for ants to scale during their foraging activities.  Ants move from the nest to the part of the foraging area directly above.

    What comes in the box?  All-in-one Plateau formicarium, feeding dish, syringe and blunt-tip applicator for hydration, Tar Heel Ants Original Liquid Feeder, rubber stopper for connection port.


    • All foraging areas come with "lean-to branch" feature (see photo below)
    • High Quality Acrylic Box
    • 10" (250mm) long x 8" (200mm) x 4" (100mm) box
    • Ytong nest is 4" x 4" x 4" (100mm x 100mm x 100mm)
    • Ytong nest is 1, 2, or 3 sided (1 is standard) (photo shows one-sided nest configuration)
    • Interior and Exterior colors optional (drop-down menus)
    • Premium naturalistic decor (manzanita branches and other semi-precious stones) as well as artificial plants(optional using drop down menus)
    • White Sand, Light Brown Sand, or brown/tan vermiculite substrate for foraging area
    • Large Water Tower Gravity well, and nestmates optional (Nestmates NOT an option for a three-sided nest)
    • Professionally hand-carved Ytong nest
    • Nestmates (optional)
    • Museum Glass (optional)


    "Lean-To" Branch



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