• Nucleus 360 (9x5x4)

    Tar Heel Ants

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    ***This Holiday Season special offer comes with 2 additional formicaria as bonuses. One Mini Hearth AND Atom nest, liquid feeder, feeding dish.  Please leave details of Mini Hearth (color, decor, etc.) in comments field upon checkout***

    • 4 sided formicarium (all four sides connect "underground")
    • Species Size optional
    • Optional Interior and Exterior Colors
    • Removable Glass Covers (museum glass optional)
    • Optional Foraging Area Decor
    • Sectional (2 halves can be sectioned using accompanying plugs-see photo)
    • 4 large water towers filled through holes drilled in glass faces (see photo)
    • 2 gravity Wells for hydation (water soaks downward through stone downwards once filled). What is a gravity well?  Click here
    • Magnetically removable  foraging area
    • Museum Quality Foraging Box Optional
    • Dimensions:  9" wide x 5" tall

    ***Please get orders in as soon as possible for the holiday season!  Time to complete a Nucleus 360 is 2-3 weeks average.  Our busy season is May, June, July and November and December.  During these times expect 3-4 weeks average turnaround time.  Expedited services are available for additional fees by contacting tarheelants@gmail.com***


    Additional Information

    Videos showing the Nucleus 360 habitat with a large Formica subsericea colony.  This colony has been (and still is) on display in the "teach me" store in Raleigh, North Carolina since spring of 2014.  If you are ever in Raleigh please stop by and support our efforts to bring ant keeping to the public.

    Watch the following video of a maturing Aphaenogaster fulva feeding in the brood chamber of their Nucleus habitat:

    Watch the following YouTube playlist for more information on Tar Heel Ants formicarium options:
    Here are some links to the individual options videos: 
Nucleus 360 (9x5x4)

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