• Inception Chambers Summer Package

    Tar Heel Ants

  • $ 135.00 $ 205.00

  • Description

     Spring Packages Now Available!  See other Spring Packages here.

    This  Bundle consists of the following:

    • 5 Inception Chamber formicaria  (use options below to modify) 
    • Small/Medium/Large Species Option
    • Water Tower Placement (Inside Nest or Foraging Area) Included
    • Also included is the option for 5 Mini Liquid Feeders, 5 feeding dishes! (Normally a $30+ value) Bundle Price - $15.
    • Decor Optional

    *****Note**** For Additional Charges: This field default should be none.  Some uses for this option:

    • Add Glow Effect - $5 per Inception Chamber Nest, $10 for entire habitat (foraging area and nest-see photo) (add 5,10,15.20, 25, or 50 in Additional Charges)
    • Add One Additional Inception Chamber for $25 (add 25 for Additional Charges)
    • Other uses may apply based on communications and special requests via email at tarheelants@gmail.com.


    For more information on the Inception Chamber formicarium click here for the original product page.






Inception Chambers Summer Package

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