• Inception Chamber, Small-Medium (2" diameter or 50mm)

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    The Inception Chamber formicarium from Tar Heel Ants features hand-sculpted tunnels and chambers for ant queens and small ant colonies.  


    •  Perfect Fit Lid - Tiny ants such as Monomorium spp. and Brachymyrmex spp. cannot escape these lids, they are great for ants!
    • 6" diameter, 2.5" (150mm x 65mm) high container and a quality friction fitting lid. 
    • 3 inch diameter nest chamber (75mm) (2" version available as a separate product) 
    • White sand substrate
    • Optional Water Tower
    • Hand-molded nest chamber using proprietary methods of casting tunnels and chambers
    • Give your ant colonies what they are most comfortable with! Ants live in small spaces, so choose the best size for your colonies from small, medium or large species.
    • Choice of nest designs These are not species specific, so choose the one that you think suits you or your ants best based on your experience.  When you are not sure, pick the one you like.  These are designed to be universal for all ant species.

    "Random" Design for small ant species.


    • Hydration Port
    • Décor Optional through drop-down menu
    • Magnetically removable lid.  This helps with easy maintenance of your pets. 


    ***Please READ!  This formicarium, like all of our other formicaria, are hand-made-to-order.  Inception Chambers take between 4-7 days to complete and ship out from our manufacturing location.  On some occasions we will have some stock available for immediate shipping.  Please email us at tarheelants@gmail.com for inquiries.



    *(Above) Tentacle

    *(Above) Spiral

    *(Above) Chamber

    "Random" Design (Scupltor's Choice)

    Inception Chamber Vidoes:


    ***Please NOTE!  This formicarium, like all of our other formicaria, are hand-made-to-order.  Planning, preparation, and a lot of care go into every single formicaria, every single order.  We strive to get your orders completed as soon as we can but as volume of orders picks up during the busy seasons (November through January and May to August/September) we cannot meet our normal quoted shipping times.  Please order in advance if possible to give us time to get your formicaria shipped in time to meet your needs.  Most small formicaria (founding formicaria plus some like the Casita, Piece of Haven etc.) are shipped within 7-10 days (some much sooner!) while other larger formicaria such as the Pioneer and Pinnacle take 2-3 weeks or longer when our volume is heaviest.  If you have a need for fast delivery we offer you to take advantage of the expediting service and email us at tarheelants@gmail.com for more information about this option.




Inception Chamber, Small-Medium (2" diameter or 50mm)

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