• Fortress (Bone 1)(Type III)

    Tar Heel Ants

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  • Description

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    See this fortress link for more information about this formicarium.


    • Brown Sand Interior and Bone Exterior
    • Type III material
    • Medium/Large species sized tunnels/chambers
    • Desert cactus decor
    • Museum Glass Optional - 95% glare reduction (Shown in photo)
    • Removable Vent optional

    What comes in the box?  Fortress formicarium (as seen in photos), nestmate, mini liquid feeder, 2 stoppers, connection tube, feeding dish, syringe for hydration.


    ***Type III Material - This formicarium is Type III material designed to be harder than Ytong and more resistant to destructive ant species such as "fire ants" and "pavement ants".  Type III consists of our original materials used for the Type II formicaria line beginning with the first Mini Hearths in 2015. In 2017 the materials used for Type II changed and due to some problems with the materials have been discontinued (thus the new title of Type III - basically our original Type II material).

    ***This product has some small defects, thus the lower price.  Look closely at photos for more detail.  It is fully functional!  Chipped corners,  etc.

    ***All Type III formicaria are tested with live ants for a minimum of 24 hours before being sold and shipped. 

Fortress (Bone 1)(Type III)

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