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    What Atom Style B comes with...

    2 Nestmates (1/4") - Watch video here: Nestmate Video

    2 rubber stoppers for the nestmates



    Atom lid with magnets 


    Dimensions:1 1/2" diameter and 3/4" tall (40mmx17mm)

    Magnetically removable lid

    Style B can only house queen ants of any size. 

    Interested in an Atom formicarium?  Watch this short video on one of our favorite young colonies!

    Keeping tiny and small ants queens? 

    We strongly recommend style A or C for these, though style B would be the choice if you cannot monitor your ants daily.  During testing and development of the Atom formicaria, several colones of tiny sized ant species (Brachymyrmex patagonicus) were raised successfully in Atom Style B as well but Style B does not need manual hydration every 2-3 days.   Atom A formicaria do need water added every 1-2 days.

    The Nestmates, when filled at least partially with water, will allow moisture to pass through into the nest keeping the chamber of the Atom formicarium ideal for queens in the founding stages.

    When workers arrive the idea is to prepare a foraging area ahead of time and then place the Atom inside the foraging area, removing the stopper.  This nest will then be loose inside the formicarium.  Optionally you can use this to move your colonies into Inception Chambers or other formicaria that you can place the Atom into and open up.

    Adding a Foraging Area?  The foraging area option is for when workers arrive.  Until that point, unless you have a species that forages during the founding stage (in North America there are very few commonly kept species who do) you would not need your foraging area and Atom nest together.

    To a degree like no other formicarium we have previously made, these are strictly for founding queens to be given the chance to raise their first workers and brood and start their colony off in a more natural-sized habitat.   This tiny sized formicarium is something we started to benefit not only the ants and their preferences but the ant keeper as well! 




    Watch the following YouTube playlist for more information on Tar Heel Ants formicarium options:
    Here are some links to the individual options videos: 
     *****This formicarium takes 5-7 days to complete.  The Atom formicaria like all other formicaria on our website are generally made-to-order and will take this amount of time to complete before shipping.  Please contact tarheelants@gmail.com for expedited shipping (this may charge a fee depending on the situation) arrangements****
Atom Formicarium (Style B)

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