Holiday Sales Page Updates And Information

***See below for work around for options with the Labyrinth, Mini Labyrinth formicaria, and Atrium

We are currently adding more products, please check back later to see new additions.

Running behind on posting the Ready To Ship items for Black Friday as of 9AM Friday.  Mini Hearths, Mini Hearth XLS (more coming), and Fortress Formicaria are posted. 


(Currently adding our newest addition, The Lair formicarium)


Nucleus III ((UPDATED. ADDED 11/26 5:00PM 

NOTE: For Tiny/Small Ants, we have a handful of Nucleus built specifically for them we are posting as part of packages.  This will be noted in the title.

Nucleus 360 (UPDATED, ADDED 11/26 3:40PM)  (See work around below)

Casita (UPDATED, ADDED 11/26 5:40PM) 

Fallen Fortress (UPDATED, ADDED 11/26 6:26PM)

Mini Labyrinth (UPDATED, ADDED, 11/27 6:12PM) 

Labyrinth (UPDATED, ADDED, 11/27 6:59) 

Atrium (UPDATED, ADDED, 11/27 7:29PM)

 Pioneer (UPDATED, ADDED, 11/27 8:53PM) 



Mini Hearth XXL (UPDATED, ADDED.  11/28 12:46 PM)

Custom Foraging Areas (NEW) (ADDED) 11/28 12:30 PM)



 For those still waiting to see some of the other formicaria, we will be uploading the remainder Saturday morning.  Labyrinths, Mini Labyrinths, Atrium, and last but not least Pioneer.  XXL Mini Hearths and XXL Labyrinths are coming later in the day on Saturday along with the newest additions to our website.  Thank you for your support!  I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend, and if you are working like we are please take some time for yourself at some point to relax! 

 Holiday Specials – Tar Heel Ants