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     What makes the a Nucleus formicarium different?

    The Nucleus is a double-sided (opposing) formicarium from Tar Heel Ants.  The Nucleus formicaria have a number of features that make them different than other formicaria products.  Features a two-sided nest, removable glass panels on both sides, substrate-coated chambers, nestmates watering system and water towers, magnetically detachable foraging area, and professionally carved Ytong nest make the Nucleus a unique formicarium option.  For further optimizing your Nucleus habitat to suit specific species use the drop-down menus.  If you feel you have ants that need specialized habitats please contact us for a discussion on modifications at tarheelants@gmail.com.

    ***Pdf file is available for this formicarium, please email us at tarheelants@gmail.com for an emailed copy***

    Watch the following video of a maturing Aphaenogaster fulva feeding in the brood chamber of their Nucleus habitat:


    • Nest Block Size 4x8x4 inches (100mm x 200mm x 100mm)
    • Foreaging Area Size 4x8x4 inches (100mm x 200mm x 100mm)
    • Opposite sides connected by central access tunnel
    • Acrylic friction-fitting lid for foraging area
    • Magnetically removable foraging area (connection tube included)
    • 2 Large Water Towers (Screen covered apparatus inside habitat for humidity)
    • Stainless steel mesh vent
    • Optional: Glass Type (Standard or Museum Quality)
    • Professionally carved Ytong nest
    • Nestmates are optional. What is a nestmate?  Click here to find out.
    • Choice of stone color(all-natural) and side panel color (premium acrylic paints)
    • Tunnels and chambers carved to your size specifications (see drop-down menu)
    • Choice of foraging area decor
    • Magnetically removable glass
    • Sand-coated chambers giving your ants multiple surfaces for the various stage of development.
    • 1/2" side entry port for connection to other habitats
    • Painted Side Panels
    • PVC Board Base

    Note:  The two halves, foraging area and nest block, are meant to be connected by a short tubing (see accompanying videos for this product).  This may not be necessary for larger ants but for small ant species this is very important in preventing ants from escaping between the two sections.  We use the tubing normally in our own colonies as a way to seal the connection between the two halves.  If you have additional questions about this please email us at tarheelants@gmail.com.  See photo below.


    Watch the following YouTube playlist for more information on Tar Heel Ants formicarium options:
    Here are some links to the individual options videos: 

    What comes in the box?  

    The Nucleus formicarium, rubber stopper, nestmate tubing (optional), blunt-tip syringe for hydration, round feeding dish, Nucleus Formicarium User Guide.

    Additional Information:

    Watch these videos on the Nucleus (please use this product page for final specs as some of the video may visually relay outdated images):


    Stone Color:

    Using natural dyes from the earth, Tar Heel Ants has developed a method of dying Ytong called "flash dying" that provides an even and consistent color to your nest. 

    Foraging Theme:

    Desert:  Features a natural sand-coated foraging area with sparse desert style rocks and plants (artificial).

    Desert Stones: Our uniquely casted and colored stones (100% ant-safe materials) inset into a foraging area with white and golden-brown mixed sand

    Desert Mountain: NEW!  Desert rocks, lots of them!  Maybe a plant or two as well...

    Rocky woodland: Woodland style plants with several rocks and sticks

    Forest underbrush: Heavier on the plants(artifical) with 1-2 rocks.

    Premium: Using high quality treated wood, decorative rocks, and other decor.  Additional cost is due to higher quality materials and more time in preparation of the foraging area.

    Glass Style:

    Standard Glass: Standard Frame Glass, 2.5 mm thick.

    Museum Glass: Reduces reflection by 95%.  Achieves over 97% light transmission to enhance colors, brightness and contrast levels.  2.5mm thick.

    Tunnel Size: 

    Small, Medium, Large options.  Decision should be based on intended species size.  Email us at tarheelants@gmail.com for questions regarding this option.

    ***Please NOTE!  This formicarium, like all of our other formicaria, are hand-made-to-order.  Planning, preparation, and a lot of care go into every single formicaria, every single order.  We strive to get your orders completed as soon as possible. Most small formicaria (founding formicaria plus some like the Casita, Piece of Haven etc.) are shipped within 7-14 days (sometimes much sooner) while other larger formicaria such as the Pioneer, Nucleus, and other larger formicaria take 4-5 weeks or longer when our volume is heaviest.  If you have a need for fast delivery we offer you to take advantage of the expediting service and email us at tarheelants@gmail.com for more information about this option.

    Other Information: 

    The Nucleus has been the centerpiece for a Formica subsericea colony display in Raleigh, NC for over 2 years.  Originally this habitat was in a 4x8 Nucleus and has now been moved to a Nucleus 360 formicarium.  Head over to the Nucleus 360 page to see some of the colony videos and stop by the "teach me" store if you are ever in Raleigh, North Carolina to check out this maturing colony of ants.





Nucleus (Type I)

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