• Casita III (BF 1350 Grey)(3 Sides)

    Tar Heel Ants

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    ***This is a Black Friday Formicarium***


    What does this mean?  This habitat was made specifically to contain the smallest ants.  Extra time and care was put into ensuring these are escape proof not just for larger ants, but even the smallest ones such as Monomorium minimum and Solenopsis molesta

    ***Casita Type III ***

    ***This formicarium is the exact one shown in the photos on this product page.  Once purchased this product will ship in 2-3 business days.***

    Please visit this link for full details on the Casita Type III formicarium.


    Color (See Photos)

    Decor (See Photos)

    Tiny/Small/Medium tunnels and chambers - 4 levels-Good for most medium ant species as well such as Pogonomymrex occidentalis and many Myrmica species (example)

    2 Nestmates 

    3 sides

    3 water towers

    Museum Glass Optional

    Add-On Package Optional


Casita III (BF 1350 Grey)(3 Sides)

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