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    Camponotus chromaoides are large, primarily black-colored ants (rusty colored) with a touch of red highlights in certain places (see photos)and are among the largest species of ants in North America.  Colony sizes reach into the many thousands at maturity.  In the second year, growth can reach 100-200 workers prior to diapause if cared for properly, and this is the time period the first major workers should eclose.  

    If you live in the following states, we can ship these to you (a copy of your permit will accompany the shipment):

    Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin

    ***A Care Guide Is mailed with each colony.  For long-term success with this species, it is vital to follow the Instructions in the Care Guide provided.***

    Please read the following!!!!  Shipping takes place during the first part of the week, typically Monday through Wednesday, and again on Saturday.  We do not ship towards the middle of the week due to carriers not delivering on Sunday.  Ants are only shipped during weather conditions that are deemed safe for them to survive, so please keep that in mind as you wait on your ants to be mailed.  Each colony must be moved to a shipping container which takes 2-3 days.  Ants do not ship the same day they are ordered!  Contact us at tarheelants@gmail.com with any other questions regarding shipping.

    Why buy from Tar Heel Ants?

    -Colonies are hand picked from dozens of our best colonies to be the strongest in terms of number of brood and workers and most actively producing queens.  This needs to be emphasized. It means you are ordering a Camponotus chromaiodes queen (and young colony or brood) that is considered in excellent condition at the time of shipping.  This is what we emphasize as our main goal when raising and selling ant colonies.

    -Our colonies are raised in-house and founded in the highest quality, clean habitats

    -Regularly fed and cared for, always living in clean and habitable environments. 

    -Guaranteed Live Arrival!!!!  You must accept the package immediately upon delivery, and contact us immediately if there are any problems.  Not doing so will void this guarantee, so please be prompt.  Our phone is 919-348-3642 or email at tarheelants@gmail.com

    What comes in the package?  a test tube containing your ant colony and a Mini Hearth formicarium (options you choose may change this list)

    What is the care for this ant species? 

    PDF Care Sheet accompanies the shipment of your ant colony and can be found on the back of the permit. 

    General care suggestions:

    •  Moderate heat for a portion of the day (80-85 degrees).  Not heating these ants beyond normal room temperatures is "ok", but your colony should be expected to grow slower than the average ant colony as these are large ants.  Targeted heat using a heat cable or heat pad is recommended.

    • Food recommended is fruit flies and sweet liquids such as organic honey and apple slices. Mix in a variety of other foods such as crickets, mealworms, other organic fruits, roaches, etc.  These ants are not known to be "picky" eaters, but rotating foods is recommended as with most ant species to keep options available.  A very strong recommendation is to include fruit flies in the diet of this species at least once a month.  Fruit flies is the only protein source we offer our largest colony of this species of 8 years.  NEVER FEED YOUR PET ANTS WILD OR HOUSE CAUGHT BUGS.

    • Species size is large, however later generation workers are much bigger with this species than in the founding stages.  These ants have majors that that appear in year 2 and beyond generally, but larger workers will emerge from their cocoons in the first year as well.

    ***PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING - The ants being ordered on this page require being transferred to another habitat within a few days after receiving them.  They are shipped in safe conditions for the mail but have no access to food or water inside their shipping containers.  They can live for quite a long time in these conditions, the humidity inside the shipping container is very high and prevents loss of moisture.  Please do not leave them in these shipping setups after they arrive for more than a few days, they need food and water to continue to grow as a healthy colony!

    Is there a Warranty?

    Warranty:  The delivery of these ants alive is guaranteed.  Having said that, you are expected to make arrangements to be available to receive your ants if the temperature is too warm or too cold on the day of arrival.    If there is any problem with delivery you must contact us immediately by email or phone.  After the ants arrive we do not guarantee their survival.  It is up to you to research the care you plan for them. Email us at tarheelants@gmail.com with questions.

    If your queen does not arrive alive please be prepared to provide evidence (unfortunately this is required for replacement) and answer a few short questions so we can try to understand what may have gone wrong during shipping.  Problems are very rare but when they do occur contact us by email or phone (919) 348-3642.

    How are they shipped? 

    There are several layers of protection to help protect your queens and colonies during shipping.  In all cases they are shipped inside our proprietary genesis inserts to keep them safe from drowning and protect their brood during shipping.   They come inside a puncture resistant tube as well.

    Quick Reference:

    Species Name: Camponotus chromaiodes

    Size: Large

    Growth Rate: Slow/Medium

    Maximum Colony Size : Estimated 5,000-10,000

    Need Heating Beyond Room Temperatures?  No, but will help growth rate.  Strongly recommended in first year.

    Need Diapause? Yes.

    Foods: Common Feeder Insects, Apples and other fruits, honey water, among other possibilities.  Strongly recommend addition of fruit flies, dubia roaches and two separate sugar sources to diet.  PDF Accompanies shipment.

    Level of Difficulty For Raising: Easy/Medium


Camponotus chromaiodes (4-8 workers)(Ants Only)

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