• Camponotus castaneus (5-10 workers) w/ Mini Hearth

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    ***These colonies were founded in the spring of of 2024.   These queens are a bright red color.***

    Where can Tar Heel Ants ship Camponotus castaneus (Red carpenter ant)? 

    Tar Heel Ants can ship Camponotus castaneus to the following states in the U.S.A: (we have proper permits from the U.S.D.A. for all of these states and a copy of this permit and additional information will accompany each shipment). 

    Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia,West Virginia, Wisconsin.

    Guaranteed LIVE arrival.  We ship our colonies with extreme care and use the same method and techniques we have used for other species we ship around the U.S.  When necessary, heat packs or ice packs are used at no additional charge to help ensure the safety of your ant colony during shipping.

    Shipping: Minimum shipping services for these ants:

    USPS - Priority Mail (Nothing over 3 days shipping time can be used.)

    UPS - Ground, only if 1-3 day shipping is an option.

    In most cases, USPS is the option chosen for shipping ant colonies.  NOTE:  Priority Mail Shipping IS NOT NEXT DAY SERVICE.  If you prefer the fastest delivery option for USPS shipping, choose Express Shipping.  This is the best option for speed of service.  Some locations will still not be 1 day shipping through Express.  During the pandemic shipping times have been slower than USPS standard times, but we still have had very good success shipping ants that arrive alive and healthy to your doorstep,  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU PLAN FOR SOMEONE TO RETRIEVE YOUR LIVE ANTS SHORTLY AFTER THEY ARE DELIVERED. 

    What comes with this package?  PDF Guide For Recommended Care and Maintenance, Camponotus castaneus colony with queen and workers (6-8 and eggs, larvae, pupae), Mini Hearth and all accessories for the formicarium needed for normal operation.

    When do we ship ants?  Generally ants are shipped on Monday, Tuesday, and Saturdays with some exceptions.  Express Mail packages are not shipped on Saturday unless they are 2-day Express shipping.

    The Mini Hearth part of this bundle takes approximately 10-14 days to make from scratch.  We do have some Ready To Ship versions available (premade).  These can be found at this link here.  If you want one of these versions used in your bundle, please indicate this by using the comments box when checking out and type in the model number from the Ready To Ship pages.  If there are additional charges for the specific version you choose, we will contact you by email or phone prior to shipping.  

    ***If you do not make a note in the comments, you can email us after the order is made to let us know what model you want.  Otherwise we will make them as quick as possible, with the 10-14 day time period needed to make them from scratch.  Busy periods and holidays may extend these times, thank you for your patience!


    Quick Reference:

    Species Name: Camponotus castaneus

    Size: Large

    Growth Rate: Slow/Medium

    Maximum Colony Size : Estimated 2,000-3,000

    Need Heating Beyond Room Temperatures?  No, but will help growth rate.  Strongly recommended in first year.

    Need Diapause? Yes.

    Foods: Common Feeder Insects, Apples and other fruits, honey water, among other possibilities.  Strongly recommend addition of fruit flies, dubia roaches and two separate sugar sources to diet.  PDF Accompanies shipment.

    Level of Difficulty For Raising: Easy/Medium


Camponotus castaneus (5-10 workers) w/ Mini Hearth

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