• Mini Hearth Summer Package (5 for 125)

    Tar Heel Ants

  • $ 150.00 $ 179.95

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  • Description

    Please click here to view the Mini Hearth formicarium main page
    What is included for 5 Mini Hearths for $150? 5 Mini Hearths, 2 stoppers per formicarium, one syringe and adapter tip, and 5 nestmates and stoppers (nestmates are free with this package)
    • Paint color (all the same-grey is default-please place a comment in "comment box" during checkout for another color choice)
    • Nucleus style (on top foraging areas)
    • Other Standard Features such as glass, white sand foraging area, stalactites***If you order a package without choosing options you will receive a standard feature set****

      Other comments that may be needed would be other details you would like customized.  These are up to you of course, but please understand the more complicated the order the longer it may take for us to complete each task.  Having said that, have fun!  Please try to make each formicarium how you want it.  If you have any suggestions or questions please contact us at tarheelants@gmail.com for general questions or order notes.  If it is urgent and a response is needed quickly, contact us at 919-348-3642.

      Use the options below to further customize your formicaria:

      • Glass Type
      • Stalactites
      • Decor Type
      • Side or Top Foraging Area
      • Color Options
      • Glow Options

      Description of Options

      Glass Type

      Museum Glass (aka "invisible glass) is a 95% glare reduction glass.  It is excellent for photo and video opportunities with your ants.


      The pointy things on the ceiling...most ants like to hang on them and use them to control the humidity in small pockets around the formicarium.

      Decor Type
      This tells us how you want the foraging area (the top area where ants are fed) to look.  We use natural rocks, artificial plants, and different colored substrates for the floor.
      Foraging Area Position

      Top or side.  Side foraging areas are held on by magnets.  They have a lower wall on the side for fluon coverage (escape prevention) so if you have stinging ants definitely use the top foraging style.  Some ants cannot climb well, so removing the vinyl tubing on the top foraging areas is recommended for Pogonomyrmex genus, Odontomachus genus, and a few others.  Currently the preference is heavily in favor of the top design (95%-5%), but some old schoolers really enjoy the side ones!

      Color Options

      Side panel colors (sides, top and back) can be : Bone (white), Brown, Light or Dark Blue, Lime or Forest Green, Black, Beige, Red, Grey, Terracotta, Purple, Pink, Yellow, and others.

      Interior Colors are standard for this package of white sand.  We can do colored interior (red, blue, gold/blonde, brown, dark grey, purple, green) for $8 additional for each mini hearth.

      Glow Option

      Glow in the DARK!  Amazing view of your ants with the lights out.  This phosphorescent coating is safe for your ants and charged under normal lighting in 30 minutes.  Black lights bring out the effect much better!  Once charged sufficiently can stay "charged" with light for hours.

       Completion Times

      These packages are taking between 10-20 days to complete currently, and depending on the amount of options chosen during ordering, could take longer.  If you have questions about your order please email tarheelants@gmail.com.  Thank you!

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