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    Three chambers, three water towers, three queens (or small colonies); one formicarium.  Triple is a new formicarium from Tar Heel Ants designed for founding queens.  The main purpose is to keep the number of containers and formicaria minimized while keeping functionality maximized.  This is a Type III formicarium.


    • 3 Large Water Towers
    • 3 Founding Chambers
    • Magnetic Lid for ease of cleaning
    • 3 connection ports for connecting to foraging areas/formicaria for transfer
    • Optional: Small foraging areas and tubing
    • Acrylic Lid
    • Standard 3/8" connection ports (standard nestmates fit these and can be ordered on accessories page)

    What comes with your Triple?  3 black stoppers (one for each chamber), syringe and blunt-tip adapter, 1 ft. 3/8" tubing (extra tubing available on accessories page).

    Recommended use:  NOT for tiny ants.  Due to the extremely small size of some species such as Monomorium minimum, Brachymyrmex spp., Solenopsis molesta, etc. we reommend this formicarium design for small or larger ants (not tiny).  



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