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    What comes with your Atom Formicarium?

    Style A comes with a syringe for adding water and a rubber stopper for the opening to be plugged. 

    Style A Dimensions:1 3/8" diameter and 1/2" tall (35mm x 11mm)


    Hydration is performed injecting a very small amount of water through a small hole in the lid  (watch video below).  A pipette or syringe is filled with water and the reservoir is then filled with the pipette by squeezing until the reservoir is full.  You may need to fill the reservoir more than once to see water spread into the main chamber.  It is possible to overflow the reservoir until water seeps into the main chamber with the ants.  Combat this by removing the lid and dabbing excess water with a Q-tip applicator or something similar. Once water begins spreading across the interior of the nest, hydration should be stopped.  Practice a few times before adding your ants to the Atom A.   If your ants are in a foraging area with your Atom A, use the non-viewing surfaces of the lid to place tiny water droplets for drinking.

    TIP: Use warm water when hydrating as it absorbs faster.

    Style A can only house ants up to medium size.  Some ants, such as small Campontous species such as Camponotus nearcticus may be better suited for the Atom B or Atom C formicaria.  While the workers are certainly medium sized, the queens will not be comfortable in the tighter chambers and tunnels in the Atom A.  Please email us with questions about our recommendations for your specific species at tarheelants@gmail.com

    Keeping tiny and small ants queens? 

    We strongly recommend Atom A or Atom C for tiny and small queen ants.  The following species were kept extensively in Style A nests during our testing phase of the Atom: Brachymyrmex sp., Temnothorax sp., Solenopsis invicta, Tetramorium sp. E, Pheidole sp., Nylanderia sp., Colobopsis impressus, Solenopsis molesta, etc..  This is just a partial list of what we kept in them here at Tar Heel Ants but many more ants would be included in this size category.

    Style A is not large enough for large species such as Camponotus castaneus, Camponotus modoc, and other large Camponotus species.  Odonotomachus spp., most Formica spp., would also be to large.

    Style A Atom nests MUST be hydrated every 1-2 days (although longer is possible depending on the relative humidity where they are kept)

     Once workers arrive and the colony is moved into a foraging area, this frequency will likely be much longer.  Why is 1-2 days acceptable?  Pet ants should be frequently monitored (in our opinion) and adding a little water during the check-ins is minimally disturbing and quick for the ant keeper.  ***We strongly recommend Style B or C if you are not certain about being able to check on your ants every day. Style B and C can be left for 2-3 weeks (or more in some cases) without need for maintenance when used properly.


    Adding a Foraging Area?  Here is what Atom, Style A looks like in them....

    (Select a Foraging Area from our Accessories Page on this website)



    The Atom Formicarium is a new formicarium from Tar Heel Ants.  To a degree like no other formicarium we have made before, these are strictly for founding queens to be given the chance to raise their first workers and brood and start their colony off in a more natural-sized habitat.

    The Inception Chamber Formicarium is where the Atom Formicarium sprouted its roots.  With the Inception Chamber formicaria new methods were utilized to create tiny tunnels and chambers.  These habitats are sized more closely to the ants natural habitats underground (and in wood etc.).  The Atom formicaria is basically the smallest form possible of the Inception Chamber.




     *****This formicarium takes 5-7 days to complete.  The Atom formicaria like all other formicaria on our website are generally made-to-order and will take this amount of time to complete before shipping.  Please contact tarheelants@gmail.com for expedited shipping (this may charge a fee depending on the situation) arrangements****

Atom Formicarium (Style A)

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