Tar Heel Ants 2019 Black Friday/Holiday Sales Pages.  

This collection of products was created for the 2019 holiday season that begins on 11/29/2019.  Dozens of Ready-To-Ship Products be be available at discounted prices for this shopping season.  These will include nearly all of our formicaria designs with some new additions.

For those who are able to visit our Raleigh location you can check out these products in person as well as browse some of our Pogonomyrmex occidentalis (the only species currently not in diapause yet) colonies.  We encourage you to make an appointment by calling 919-348-3642. We will be open 11/29/2019 by appointment ONLY.  Appointment times will be from 9-6 PM on Friday and Saturday from 9-4 PM.

We will be shipping every 2-3 days during the holiday season.  If you need these products prior to 12/25/19 please allow for time to deliver.  Our last shipping days will be early the week before 12/25 on Monday/Tuesday depending on the cutoff dates available for shipping at that time given by USPS and UPS.  For special requests or any questions about this process contact us at tarheelants@gmail.com or (919) 348-3642.