• Dorymyrmex bureni (10-20 workers)

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    ***Tar Heel Ants can ship Dorymyrmex bureni to the following states:  Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illionois, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia.

    Dorymyrmex bureni is the characteristic yellow Dorymyrmex of roadsides, planted and fallow fields, pastures, lawns and parks throughout Florida and the Southeast, especially in areas with sandy soil (Trager - 1988).   

    Our own personal experiences and travels have brought us into contact with the species around hotels and on beachfronts in South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.  For smaller ants, they make an impressive array of nest entrances across their various habitats, zipping across the sandy soils fast enough to not be taken seriously by passerby's.  Their colonies underground can get quite large, however, spanning many thousands of workers in relatively short periods of time.  We recommend taking them as a very serious pet species, as they can grow fast and are sometimes difficult to completely contain due to their small size, coloration, and speed.

    Recommended Habitats:

    In general, these ants need very well made habitats, proven versus tiny and small ants species.  Long-term, these ants are more of a small ant species, but initially the nanitics (first generation of workers) are nearing tiny size categories.  

    From Tar Heel Ants:  Bifurcated Mini Hearth, Inception Chamber (tiny/small ant designs), and Mini Palladium habitats.  TIP: Strongly recommend fluon application, and ALWAYS PUSH DOWN YOUR LIDS after maintenance.

    What will I receive with my order?  A colony, queen, and 10-20 workers + brood pile of this species.  General care guide is also included with the permit paperwork (required in the U.S. for all ants crossing state lines).  Tar Heel Ants provides the necessary permits for this species, included inside your package upon arrival.

    Care requirements: Aside from a secure, escape-proof habitat for this species, heat is also a requirement for this species to thrive.  A heating device such as a reptile heating cable, heating pad, or heat lamp is required to touch a portion of your ants habitat, these ants will not do well at room temperatures alone.

    Feeding:  This species is very easy to feed from a variety of feeder insect choices such as fruit flies, dubia roaches, mealworms, and crickets.  Apple slices are an excellent choice for a food 1-2 times a week to aid in keeping the colony hydrated thoroughly and to provide other nutrients as well.  

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